How to Create Privacy in Your Backyard

Use trellises and greenery to wall off an area so you can relax uninterrupted this summer.  

Idea 1: Build a Barrier

Garden trellises offer benefits similar to a fence at a fraction of the cost. Choose free-standing panels and install on either side of a patio or deck. Add hanging pots, or plant some quick-growing vines to offer seclusion.

Get growing: With the right conditions, annuals (morning glories, cup-and-saucer vine) will cover a trellis in less than six weeks.


Idea 2: Plant a Hedge

Bamboo lends a lush, tropical look to a yard. It’s highly invasive, though, (meaning it will spread throughout your property) if planted in the ground. Curb the runaway growth by siting bamboo in large containers.

Get growing: Choose a variety that will top out at about 6 feet, such as Rufa. Plant it in a 15-gallon pot (a too-small container will inhibit height). It will grow about 1 foot per year.


Idea 3: Worship the Sun

Sunflowers grow to great heights and form a natural screen—some can even top the 15-foot mark! They require a minimal investment and offer a big payoff in whimsical charm. Try the Mammoth Russian, $5 for a packet of 75 seeds at

Get growing: Stalks reach a height of several feet within five to six weeks, and generally peak in three months’ time.