7 New Uses for Baby Powder

Baby powder does the hard work of protecting little bottoms from diaper rash -- but did you know it’s even more useful than you thought? 

Surprising new uses for baby powder

Here are seven surprising reasons you might want to borrow baby powder from your diaper bag:

  1. Remove grease. Use a sponge to rub baby powder on a stain until it's gone. 

  2. De-stink shoes. A hard day's work sometimes results in a stinky pair of shoes. Get rid of the odor (and have less sweaty shoes tomorrow) by coating the inside with a thin coat of baby powder.

  3. Stop creaks. Shake powder in between wooden floorboards to keep them quiet. 

  4. Fend off ants. Sprinkle baby powder around their regular hideouts and they'll be history.

  5. Help your spring garden grow. Want a greener thumb? The medicated powder coating in baby powder helps reduce the chance of rot while warding off moles, voles, grubs and other pests (who knew?). To give your plants a leg up, place 5-6 flower bulbs and about 3 tablespoons of baby powder in a sealed plastic bag and give it a few gentle shakes. (Thanks FabulesslyFrugal!)

  6. Spruce up your 'do. Dry shampoo is great (especially for its root-lifting capabilities) but in a pinch, a little baby powder on your roots will sap up any grease hanging onto your strands. Just be sure to brush it out well, especially if you have dark hair.

  7. Give your pup a quick dry-bath. Have company coming over? Give your dog a dry-shampoo bath with baby powder. Rub one or two handfuls of baby powder into their coat and let sit for a few minutes before thoroughly brushing it out. Just like it does with your hair, the baby powder will grab up any grease and have your dog smelling baby fresh.