Build a Bird House Christmas Ornament

Craft a sweet bird house Christmas ornament with just a few simple materials.

Top your tree with an outdoors accent


  •  Scissors
  •  Empty pint-size milk or half-and-half carton
  •  Glue gun and glue
  •  2 sheets of decorative papers (9" × 12" and 5" × 10")
  •  Pencil
  •  Tacky glue
  •  Felt
  •  Skewer (cut to 5")
  •  Fake bird

1. Cut ridge off of carton; seal peak using hot glue.

2. Lay carton at edge of smaller sheet of paper and trace its outline, rolling carton until you've traced all four sides.

3. Cut out tracing, cover carton with tacky glue, affix paper to carton.

4. Cut 1¼" circle from felt and glue it on house.

5. Poke a hole ½" below felt.

6. Put a dot of glue on a tip of skewer and insert into hole until it meets back wall.

7. Fold larger sheet in half and glue on top of carton to form roof.

8. Glue bird to skewer.