Acorn Family

Turn your family members into pumpkin characters with this easy craft.

3 pumpkins, 3" to 6" diameters (for heads)
3 pumpkins, 4" to 8" diameters (for bodies)
Craft glue
Twine, 1 roll
1/8"-wide ribbon or yarn
3 pairs medium buttons
3 pairs small buttons
Brown pipe cleaners
1 yard ribbon (1" to 1 1/2" wide)
6 acorns
2 very small buttons


1. Pair large and small pumpkins. Carve a hole in bottom of each small pumpkin, large enough for stem of large pumpkin to fit inside.

2. For girl's hair: Take smallest pumpkin and glue twine in straight lines across pumpkin, leaving 5″ tails at each end. Braid tails and tie with ⅛″-wide ribbon or yarn. For boy's and father's hair: Glue end of twine to pumpkin at base of stem; wrap around, gluing as you go. Continue until about ⅓ of pumpkin is covered.

3. Glue smaller button to medium buttons; glue to pumpkins for eyes. For girl's mouth: Cut a 2″ piece of brown pipe cleaner, bend in a curve, and glue to face. For boy's and father's mouths: Make a braid of twine, 6″ long. Cut in half. Glue to pumpkins in an upward curve, trimming as necessary.

4. For girl's body: Cut a 1″ piece of wider ribbon and glue vertically to body pumpkin. Cut a 10″ piece of same ribbon and glue to pumpkin to make a skirt. Glue two very small buttons to corners of pinafore. For boy's and father's bodies: Glue a piece of same ribbon down front of body pumpkins. For buttons, glue acorns to ribbon. Fit heads over stems of bodies. Glue heads to bodies.