Bandana Table Runner Craft

Use this easy bandana craft to spruce up your outdoor table with some country charm.

using bandanas as a napkin is one of our affordable backyard party ideas


  • Ironing board or protected surface
  • Iron
  • 10 bandannas
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Fusible hemming tape

  1. On ironing board, iron all bandannas. Let them cool to set them flat.
  2. Measure length of bandanna side and cut 10 pieces of hemming tape to fit. Lay first piece of tape along top edge of bandanna.
  3. Place bottom edge of second bandanna directly over tape and, using cotton setting, iron to activate fusible tape. Let bandanna cool for hem to set.
  4. Lay next piece of hem tape along top edge of second bandanna. Place bottom edge of third bandanna directly over tape and iron as above.
  5. Repeat until all bandannas are attached to form runner.