How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Dress up your front door for fall with a cheerful burlap wreath.

learn how to make this easy diy burlap wreath

Materials You Have:

  • Scissors

Materials You Need: 

  •  2"-wide burlap ribbon, 10 yards,  $3.47; at Walmart stores. 
  • Wire wreath form, 16" diameter,  $2.47;
  •  Floral wire, 25¢; at Michaels
  •  Autumnal flowers and decorations,  $2.54; at Walmart stores. 
  •  Wired ribbon for bow, 2' long, 60¢;

 Total cost: $9.33 



  1. Working with burlap ribbon attached to spool, secure loose end to inner circle of wreath form with wire. 
  2. The wreath form has three concentric sections. Starting at inner section, pull a loop of burlap (about 3" long) through to front of wreath form. Move to middle section and pull a second loop through, then pull a third loop through outer section. Working back toward center, pull next loop through middle section, then a loop through inner section. Pack loops close together. Continue until wreath form is covered. Secure end of burlap ribbon with wire. 
  3. Decorate with silk flowers and foliage as well as faux berries, using wire to attach to wreath. Tie wired ribbon into a bow and secure with floral wire.