How to Make a Christmas Card Holder

Create a simple holiday card holder to display greetings from friends and family.

Christmas card holder


  • Wire snips 
  • 50' 14-gauge wire 
  • Needle-nose pliers 
  • Invisible tape 
  • Work gloves 
  • Newspaper 
  • Red spray paint

1. Cut 12 30" lengths of wire. Working with one piece at a time, bend wire in half. Use needle-nose pliers to bend each end into a spiral, stopping when you curl 10" of each end. Repeat on remaining pieces of wire.

2. Cut 3 30" lengths of wire and lay on top of one another so they overlap in middle to form a 6-point asterisk shape. Secure at center with tape.

3. Cut one 80" length of wire. Wrap wire once around perimeter of asterisk shape, looping it around each wire about 1" from end. Bend extra inch over perimeter wire and tape. Trim perimeter wire.

4. Lay a spiral on top of each asterisk point so it extends outside perimeter wire. Tape in place. Attach each remaining spiral closer to center of asterisk, alternating so that three spirals face inward and three face outward toward wire perimeter.

5. Wearing gloves and working over newspaper, spray-paint card holder red.