Christmas Stocking Craft

Instead of tossing out that old sweater, turn it into a cozy Christmas stocking.

Christmas Stocking


• Old Christmas stocking (to use as pattern) • Paper bag • Pencil • Scissors • Sweater • Straight pins • Fusible interfacing (optional) • Iron • Needle and thread • Small piece of felt • Matching yarn • Yarn needle


1. Place stocking on brown bag. Trace around, adding ¼” along all edges except top (opening) and cut out. Place pattern on sweater so ribbed waistband is at top of stocking (it will become the cuff). Pin in place; cut out. Repeat, with top pointing in opposite direction.

2. If you like, cut two pieces of fusible interfacing in stocking shape, toes pointing in opposite directions. Iron interfacing to wrong side of each stocking piece. 

3. Pin stocking pieces together, wrong sides facing out. Sew together, starting below ribbed potion with a ¼’-wide seam allowance. Stop sewing when you reach the ribbed portion on the other side. Turn stocking right-side out and press. Sew each side of ribbed cuff so stitches are hidden when cuff is folded over.

4. Make pom-pom: Wrap yarn around your hand many times until you have a thick loop. Gently slide loop off your hand. Pinch loop at center and wrap a 20’ piece of yarn around center tightly. Tie a knot leaving a long tail. Cut through loops at each end. Fluff and shape into a ball, trimming to make it more even. Repeat to make a second pom-pom.

5. Attach pom-poms to stocking using yarn and yarn needle. Make a hanging loop by cutting a 6” x 1” strip of felt. Fold the strip in half and sew to inside of cuff.