Easy Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Get into the yuletide spirit with our Christmas ideas. From decorations to recipes and all the crafting in between we've got you covered this holiday.

Make a No-Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

Surround your Christmas tree with an easy homemade star-filled skirt.

Christmas tree skirt


  • 1 or 2 cardboard boxes, flattened
  • One 60" x 60" square of red felt
  • ½ yard white felt
  • ½ yard silver felt
  • 1 small nail or push-pin
  • 1 yard string
  • Chalk
  • Small plate, 6" to 7" diameter
  • Scissors
  • Star template (download here)
  • Printer and plain white paper
  • Glue

1. Cover your work surface with several layers of corrugated cardboard.

2. Fold felt in half diagonally to form a triangle, then fold in half again to create smaller triangle.

3. Use nail or push-pin to secure folded corner at top of triangle to table.

4. Tie one end of string to nail and other end to chalk. String should extend long enough so that chalk reaches edges of felt without exceeding them (about 30").

5. Holding string taut, draw an arc on felt with chalk to form a large quarter-circle.

6. Remove string and chalk, keeping fabric folded. Place inverted plate over folded corner of felt, so that corner of felt hits middle of plate. Trace along plate rim to make an arc.

7. Cut felt along large arc and small arc, cutting through all layers of felt.

8. Unfold felt and cut a slit (so you can wrap skirt around tree) from outer edge of skirt to small inner circle.

9. Print star template. Reduce size to 75 percent and print another, smaller star. Trace 24 large stars onto white felt and 12 smaller stars onto silver felt. Use scissors to cut out.

10. Lay stars on skirt to determine their placement, then glue in place and allow to dry completely.