3 Ways to Update a Lamp

Make an old lamp shine with these three creative updates.

DIY Lamp

Idea 1: Change the color of the base

  • Unplug the lamp, then remove the shade along with its hardware. Cover the bulb socket and cord with painter's tape, then apply a few thin coats of spray primer to the lamp base, followed by three or four coats of spray paint in the color of your choice. Let dry before reassembling.

Idea 2: Paint stripes

  • Use a $2 tube of acrylic paint from a craft store for a whole new look. Try adding painted borders at the top or bottom of the shade, like the stripes shown here (use painter's tape as your guide).

Idea 3: Draw a design

  • Select a paint pen (in silver, black, white or any color you like) and draw on a plain lamp base to add some interesting details. Try practicing a few potential patterns on paper before going to town on the lamp base.



Excerpted from Young House Love by Sherry and John Petersik (Artisan Books, 2012)