How to Make a Halloween Pirate Pumpkin

Craft this feisty pirate pumpkin for Halloween with simple supplies.

get clever this halloween with a pirate pumpkin



1. For eye: Thread narrow ribbon through button so it resembles an X. Trim ends and glue to back of button. Glue button to pumpkin. 

2. Cut an eye patch out of black felt, slightly larger than button eye. Glue patch to pumpkin. Cut a piece of rickrack long enough to wrap around pumpkin. Wrap rickrack around pumpkin, above button eye and over the patch. Glue ends to back of pumpkin.

3. Place mustache template on black felt and trace around; cut out. Glue mustache to front of pumpkin.

4. For hat: Cut two identical semicircles from black felt, wide enough to fit over top of pumpkin. Stack pieces on top of each other. Trim curve into a rounded peak (see photo). Glue rickrack along curved edge of one piece. Glue curved edges together, leaving straight side open. 

5. Place skull-and-crossbones template on white felt and trace around; cut out. Cut two small circles and one dashlike straight line out of black felt. Glue circles to skull for eyes and dash to skull for nose. Glue finished piece to front of hat and attach hat to pumpkin.