4 Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Bored with the usual dyes? Decorate Easter eggs with the help of a paper punch, washi tape, markers and glitter to create fresh designs.

4 Ways to Dress Up Easter Eggs

Idea 1: Paint on paper flowers

  • Using a flower-shaped paper punch, fold tissue in half twice, then sandwich tissue between a folded piece of printer paper and punch out. You'll get a clean cut while making four shapes at once. If using scissors: Fold a square or circle in half, then quarters, then eighths; snip a design as if you're creating a paper snowflake. Adhere flowers to eggs with a paint brush and Mod Podge.

Idea 2: Wrap in washi tape

  • Cover undyed, blown eggs with washi tape (from $3.50; HappyTape.BigCartel.com). It's a fun, mess-free way to create an allover pattern. Just cut tape into 1-inch pieces and gently adhere to egg, slightly overlapping, until surface is covered.

Idea 3: Doodle a pattern

  • If you're decorating hard-boiled, undyed eggs that you plan to eat, use food-coloring markers (Wlton, $8 each; Amazon.com).

Idea 4: Add glitz and glitter

  • Apply sticky shapes to eggs, then roll them in glitter. For dots, use glue dots, or try glue strips for stripes. To make other designs, cut shapes out of a double-sided adhesive sheet (double-sided adhesive paper, Silhouette, $8 for 8 8 1/2" x 11" sheets; Amazon.com). Peel off one side and stick to egg. Peel off other side just before applying glitter.

Tip: Nest your eggs well! Mini paper cupcake liners make great egg holders. Double them for extra support.