DIY Decoupage Gifts

Make memories last a lifetime with personalized decoupage plate and paperweight gifts.

Découpage Plate or Paperweight

COST: $7.24

TIME: 30 min.


• Clear glass plate ($5.80; or clear glass paperweight ($7.30; • Digital photo or illustration • Color printer • High-quality white stationery paper (9¢; at Office Max) • Acrylic spray fixative (25¢; at Jo-Ann) • Scissors • 2 shallow bowls • Mod Podge ($1; at Michaels) • Measuring spoons • Paintbrush • Wine cork • X-acto knife • White acrylic paint (10¢; at Jo-Ann) • Gold pen (optional)


1. Wash plate or paperweight and let air-dry.

2. Print out photo or illustration onto stationery. Spray with fixative. Let dry. Place paperweight or inverted plate on photo or illustration and position it over the part you want to showcase. Trace around edge. If plate is not flat, add ¼″ all the way around. Cut out image.

3. Submerge image in bowl of water for a second or two until paper is damp but not saturated. Place on work surface, right side up. Pour about 2 tablespoons Mod Podge into a shallow bowl and stir in 1 teaspoon water. Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge directly onto image.

4. Apply image to back of plate or paperweight, lining up edges. Smooth paper onto glass by rubbing with cork in small circular motions, working from the center to outer edges. Let dry.

5. To finish: Use X-acto knife to trim along edge of project. Apply a thin coat of white acrylic paint to back of project with a paintbrush. Let dry. If desired, use a gold pen to outline the rim on the back of plate. Let dry. Apply a coat of Mod Podge.

Note: To clean finished piece, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water or put in dishwasher.