DIY Braided Dog Toy

This DIY braided pull toy makes a perfect holiday gift for a dog-lover (or your own furry friend).

Braided Pull Toy

COST: $3.69

TIME: 30 min.


• 59″-wide fleece in red, green and white, ¼ yard each ($1.23 each; at Walmart) • Scissors • Ruler • Felt marker


1. Cut red fleece into 3 3″-wide strips. Repeat for green and white fleece, for a total of 9 pieces.

2. Gather short end of fleece strips together and tie knot at one end, leaving a 4″ tail.

3. Sort strips by color so you have three groups. Braid the three groups together, pulling tight as you work. Stop braiding when there is a 6″ tail. Tie all strips together in a knot, snug against end of braid. Trim so that fringe on each end is even.


1. Cut 3 3″-wide strips of fleece, 1 in each color. Fold strips in half to find middle. Lay folded strips on floor, and measure 7″ to one side of middle and lightly mark. Measure 7″ to other side of middle and lightly mark.

2. Unfold fabric and start a braid at one mark. Continue working until you reach other mark, keeping braid tight.

3. Fold braided area in half, and sort unbraided strips by color. Braid those strips together to form an 8″ braid; knot. Separate strips into two groups, each with a red, white and green strand. Braid each group to about 2″ from end; knot. Pull ends tight. Trim fringe so each end is same length.