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DIY Easter Basket

Transform an old strawberry carton into a cute DIY Easter basket.

Ribbon easter basket

YOU'LL NEED (makes 1 basket):

  • Several 20" lengths of ribbon (quantity and width of ribbon to be determined by amount and size of strawberry carton grid openings) 
  • Plastic pint-size strawberry carton (at supermarkets and produce stands) 
  • Double-sided tape 
  • Scissors 
  • 20" ribbon, ¼" wide 
  • Wire cutter 
  • Wire hanger 
  • Coffee can 
  • Needle-nose pliers 
  • Hot-glue gun
  • 1 yard ribbon, ½" wide
  • 2" ribbon, ¾" wide


  1. Weave a 20" length of wide ribbon horizontally around carton in over-and-under fashion, following natural grid of carton. Continue until ends meet. Tuck one end of ribbon underneath other end and secure together with a small piece of double-sided tape. Trim visible ribbon edge if needed.
  2. Layer ¼"-wide ribbon atop another wide ribbon, then weave ribbons around basket together, as if they are one. Secure ends as in step 1.
  3. Continue with wide ribbon until entire grid of basket has been woven.
  4. To make handle, use wire cutters to snip a 10" length of wire coat hanger. Wrap wire around coffee can or other cylindrical object to create rounded handle shape.
  5. Use pliers to bend small hooks at both ends of wire.
  6. To decorate handle with ½"-wide ribbon, glue end of ½"-wide ribbon to one end of wire. Carefully wrap ribbon around wire until wire is fully covered. Trim excess ribbon if needed and secure with hot glue. Let dry.
  7. Center handle over basket so ends are directly opposite each other. Loop hooks through opening in basket. On each side, wrap hooks and handle together with ribbon.
  8. Tie ¾"-wide ribbon into bow. Trim ends and adhere to top of handle using hot glue