Teach Letters with DIY Alphabet Flash Cards

Make learning the alphabet fun: Create these alphabet flash cards with your kids using tabbed-letter index cards.

quiz your kid on the abc's with these fun flash cards

TOTAL COST: $11.97


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 5 plastic bottle caps
  • Pen



Step 1: Cut a circle, a square, a diamond, a triangle and a thin rectangle from craft foam, making sure that each shape is less than 1" across. Glue them to tops of bottle caps to make stamps.
Step 2: Use stamps and ink pads to create pictures on index cards, matching first letter of object to letter on card. For example, three circles could become balloons for letter B; for C, make a cat face using a circle and two small triangles for ears.
Step 3: Finish pictures by using pen to draw fine lines.


From Project Kid: 100 Ingenius Crafts for Family Fun by Amanda Kingloff