DIY Garden Decoration

DIY Garden Decoration
Follow these directions to sculpt a stonelike ornament for your garden -- it's easier than you think!

Old lamp base
Plaster of paris dry mix for hoobies
Measuring cup
Bucket or bowl
Old spoon
Finial (the type meant for the end of a curtain rod)
Gorilla Glue super glue, 0.7 oz.
1 sheet sandpaper, medium coarse
2 cans Krylon Make It Stone! spray paint

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1. Dismantle lamp, removing harp, cord, socket and any other "guts." Discard.

2. If lamp won't topple easily, skip this step. To add weight to lamp so it's less likely to tip over in the wind, fill any hollow portions of base with plaster of paris. Each lamp is different, but typically the base unscrews. Mix plaster of paris following manufacturer's directions, and scoop it into hollow portion of lamp. Let dry, then reassemble.

3. Choose a finial that suits the style of lamp, and glue it to the top. Let dry.

4. If surface is smooth, rough it up with sandpaper to help paint adhere. In a ventilated area, spray lamp and finial with stone-textured spray paint. Apply three or more light coats, allowing lamp to dry in between each one.

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Bonus Craft: Make easy lamps, like the ones pictured at the base of the garden ornament by bunching up lights and stuffing them inside a round globe (from a ceiling-light fixture). Place the globe in your garden and plug lights into an extension cord.