DIY Patriotic Flag Wreath

Decorate your home for July 4th with this unique DIY wreath made from clothespins.

Clothespin Wreath


•  Newspaper
•  80 wooden clothespins
•  Acrylic paint in red, white and blue
•  Small flat paintbrushes
•  10"-wide emrboidery hoop
•  Small silver and red star stickers
•  1"-to 1 1/2"- wide red ribbon, 18" long (optional)
•  Hot-glue gun or glue dot (optional)

1. Spread out newspaper. Paint 20 clothespins blue, 30 red and 30 white. Let dry, then give top of each clothespin a second coat. Let dry completely.

2. Use embroidery hoop as base of wreath. Clip blue clothespins side by side to hoop, with twice-painted tops facing up. They should take up approximately ¼ of hoop. Clip red and white clothespins side by side to rest of hoop in groups of four or five, to create "stripes."

3. Adhere silver and red star stickers in randomly spaced bands to blue section of wreath. Tie red ribbon into a bow and glue to bottom of wreath, if you wish.

4. Hang wreath on a nail or from a wreath hanger so blue clothespins appear in upper-left portion.