Easy Thanksgiving Ideas

Enjoy an easy Thanksgiving this year with our stress-free recipes, simple craft ideas and cooking checklists.

Easiest DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece

Light up your holiday table with this simple yet elegant DIY pumpkin centerpiece.

Pumpkin centerpieces


  • Newspaper  
  • Serrated knife  
  • 5 pumpkins or Funkins (funkins.com), approximately 5" tall  
  • Large spoon or scoop
  • 5 6" column candles, 1½" to 2" diameter


1. Spread newspaper over work area. Carve a hole in top of pumpkin slightly smaller than diameter of candle. Scoop out pulp and seeds. (If hole is too small to pull out seeds, carve another hole in bottom for this purpose.) Rinse inside of pumpkin. Repeat for each pumpkin.

2. Insert a candle into each pumpkin. Candle should stick out of top by about 2". (If candle is too short, place it on an inverted votive holder, an inverted cap from a shaving-cream can or something similar.)