DIY Table Runner

Sew on a charming ruffled trim to elevate a plain table runner.

Easter table runner


  • 1 plain white runner  
  • Straight pins  
  • Ruffled trim, 1½" to 2" wide and long enough to trim all 4 sides of runner  
  • Sewing machine  
  • Thread to match ribbon  
  • Ribbon, ½" wide and twice as long as all 4 sides of runner  
  • Scissors


  1. Lay runner on flat surface, right side down. Starting at a corner, pin trim, right side down, along wrong side of runner. At corners, fold trim at 90-degree angle away from runner. Hold fold in place and flip trim back to continue pinning along runner. Sew trim to runner using long-stitch setting.
  2. Turn runner right side up. Place ribbon where ruffle and runner meet; topstitch following corner method. Using scissors, cut excess trim and ribbon