Happy Easter!

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DIY Flower Wine Glass Tags

Keep track of drinks and add a sweet floral touch with these DIY wine glass tags.

Easter table decor


  • Decorative paper  
  • Large flower paper punch (EK Paper Shapers XL Flower paper punch; createforless.com), or a pencil, ruler and scissors  
  • 1" round paper punch
  • Scissors  
  • Self-adhesive candy dots (pebblesinc.com)  
  • Alphabet stickers (at craft stores)


  1. Slide paper into flower paper punch and press down.
  2. If you don’t have a flower punch, draw a flower (about 2¾" diameter) on paper and cut out.
  3. Center flower in circle punch; punch out. Start from meeting point of two petals and cut straight line to center opening; this is how you will slip tag around stem of each glass.
  4. Remove candy dots from backing and apply 1 dot to center of each petal, leaving 1 petal blank.
  5. Remove alphabet stickers from backing. Apply the first letter of each guest’s name to a blank petal.