How to Dress Up a Flower Basket

Give an ordinary flower basket arrangement a playful twist with colorful ribbons.

Dress up a floral display

Flowers don't need much help to look beautiful, but a balsa bucket can stand a little improvement. Here's how it's done:

  • Pick your basket. Any woven vessel will work as long as you can fit a ribbon between the strips.
  • Make it water-worthy. Moisten floral foam (available at any craft store; it's often known as Oasis floral foam) and nestle it inside a freezer bag. Then place the bag in the basket to hold your arrangement.
  • Bedeck with ribbons. Soft woods, like balsa, are flexible enough that you can use your fingers to work the ribbon over and under the strips. For less flexible materials or tighter weaves, thread the ribbon into an extra-large tapestry needle and use it to guide the ribbon through. To finish, tuck ends under.