Easy Christmas Stocking Craft

Use fabric scraps and glue to make this easy no-sew Christmas stocking.

No-sew stocking

You’ll need (makes 1 stocking):

  • Measuring tape  
  • Red holiday stocking (available at bronners.com)  
  • Pinking shears  
  • ¼ yard plaid fabric  
  • Straight pins  
  • Hot-glue gun  
  • Scissors  
  • Baker’s twine or yarn  
  • Two small bells (available at craftparts.com)  
  • 20" ribbon

Measure height and circumference of stocking cuff. Add 4" to height and 1" to width. Cut plaid fabric to that size with pinking shears.

Place stocking on a flat surface, toe facing right. Position fabric over stocking cuff, right side up, aligning bottom edge of fabric with bottom of cuff. Pin fabric to cuff so ends overlap on back side of stocking.

Fold plaid fabric down so top edge of cuff is visible. Make a thin line of glue along top edge of cuff. Press fabric against stocking cuff to adhere (top edge of fabric will extend beyond cuff’s top edge). Turn stocking over and continue line of glue along top edge of cuff, pressing fabric down to adhere. Glue one end of fabric to stocking. Working on other fabric end, fold raw edge under and glue to cuff.

Remove pins. Tuck excess fabric at top of cuff into stocking.

Slide bell onto an 8" length of baker’s twine; knot ends together to create a 4" long loop. Repeat for second loop. Tie loops together at top and glue to outside corner of cuff, just below stocking hanger.

Make a bow with ribbon and affix over spot where loops are glued.