Easy Vampire Pumpkin Craft

This no-carve pumpkin craft is an easy way to add a little Halloween fright.

Pumpkin craft


  • 20" to 22" diameter white pumpkin or Funkin (funkins.com
  • Large black brads (available at joann.com and amazon.com
  • Black, red and white construction or wrapping paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick 
  • 3" to 4" length of red yarn or embroidery floss


1. Push brads into side of pumpkin to create your vampire’s eyes.

2. Use scissors to cut arched eyebrows out of black paper. Attach using glue stick.

3. Make vampire’s mouth by cutting a small piece of yarn or floss and attaching to pumpkin using glue stick. Cut two fangs out of white paper and attach just below mouth using glue stick.

4. To make blood drops, cut three small teardrop shapes out of red paper and attach to pumpkin, just below one side of vampire’s mouth, using glue stick.

5. Cut black paper into rounded collar shape. It should be about 18" long and taper at either end. Cut red paper into the same shape, but 1 to 2" smaller than black paper. Lay red paper over black and use glue stick to adhere.

6. Curve collar around pumpkin and use glue stick to hold in place. Fold back pointed edges to reveal red paper and place on table.