How to Make Fairy Wings for a Halloween Costume

Pair these pretty fairy wings with our face-painting how-to for a Halloween costume that really takes flight.

fairy wings


  • 1 yard tulle
  • 2 6" wooden tongue depressors
  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun
  • 4" x 3/4" piece of felt



  1. Keep tulle folded as it was on bolt. Cut into 2 18" pieces. Lay tulle on table, folded edge to your left and perpendicular to table edge. Starting with edge closest to you, roll tulle. Cut roll into 3" -wide segments. Unrolled, strips should be 3" x 18". Repeat for remaining piece of tulle. 
  2. Attach tulle to tongue depressors using loop: Fold a strip of tulle in half lengthwise. Place a tongue depressor on top of folded tulle, perpendicular to it and near fold. Wrap the 2 ends of tulle strip around tongue depressor and thread them through folded loop. Pull tight to form a knot around tongue depressor. Continue with additional strips until tongue depressor is completely full. Repeat on second tongue depressor. 
  3. Lay tongue depressors next to each other with tulle extending in opposite directions. Apply glue to inside edges of depressors to form a seam. Glue strip of felt over seam, centering it on depressors. 
  4. Braid 3 strips of tulle together and repeat, for a total of 2 braids. To make straps, trim braids so each is long enough to fit comfortably over a shoulder. Glue 1 strap to each depressor, attaching 1 end to top and 1 end to bottom of stick.