Make a Candy-Filled Firecracker Craft

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this fun, candy-filled firecracker craft that’s perfect for kids.

chinese firecracker candy


  • Scissors
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Ruler
  • Yellow tissue paper, cut into 2 8" x 4" rectangles
  • Red wrapping paper cut into an 8" x 4" rectangle
  • Wrapped candies
  • Transparent tape
  • Gold ribbon
  • Paint or glitter optional



1. Cut a 2" slit along seam on one side of toilet paper roll. (This will make it easier to twist roll open later.) 

2. Layer both rectangles of yellow tissue paper on top of piece of red wrapping paper. Stand toilet paper roll on one end and fill it with candy. Lay filled roll, centered, aligned with a long edge of paper. 

3. Tape paper to roll and roll up until it's covered. Twist ends to close; secure them with gold ribbon. 

4. Decorate outside with paint or glitter, if you like; let dry. Kids will enjoy twisting it open.