How to Make a Spooky Bat Pillow for Halloween

Dress up a couch or chair for Halloween with this easy, no-sew pillow craft.

Bat Pillow Image


• 12" x 12" pillow with removable cover
• 1 yard orange felt
• Ruler
• Marker
• Scissors
• Fabric glue
• Bat template (link)
• 1/4 yard black felt 
• Orange paper
• Double-sided tape


1. Remove cover from pillow. Trace on orange felt, adding 1/2 inch to each side. Trace cover on orange felt a second time, adding a triangular flap along one side (to make the shape of a house). Cut out both pieces. Lay pieces on top of each other and use fabric glue to seal three edges, leaving edge with flap open. Let dry completely. Turn inside out. 


2. Cut out template and place on black felt. Trace around. Repeat twice. Cut out and glue bats to front of pillowcase. Let dry. Insert pillow and tuck in flap.