Halloween Black Cat Candy Jar Craft

Display Halloween candy in these cute kitty candy jars.

Black Cat Candy Jars


• Acrylic craft paint in black
• Medium to large round paintbrush
• 3 mini pumpkins • Scissors
• Plain white paper
• 1 sheet each black and orange lightweight cardboard or card stock
• Craft glue
• 3 pairs of 15 millimeter cat eyes (suncatchereyes.com) or 3 pairs googly eyes
• Sewing needle
• White floral wire
• White marker
• 1/8"-wide ribbon, 2' long
• ½"-wide ribbon, 1 yard long
• 3 glass jars with mouths slightly smaller in diameter than pumpkins, clean and dry
• Halloween candy

1. Paint pumpkins black except for stems and bottoms; let dry. Paint bottoms; let dry.

2. FOR EARS: Make a template by cutting a triangle, about 1" tall, out of plain white paper. Contour bottom edge of triangle so it fits along curve of pumpkin. When you achieve a shape you like, use template to cut 6 identical shapes out of black construction paper or card stock. Make a template for orange inner ear by trimming edges of white template down until it's slightly smaller all around than black triangles. Place template on orange construction paper or card stock and trace around it; cut out 6 triangles. Glue orange triangles to black triangles. To glue ears to head, make a bead of glue along curved edge of ears and attach to top of pumpkins on sides of stem.

3. Position cat eyes on pumpkins and press eye stems into pumpkins to attach. If using googly eyes, glue in place.

4. FOR NOSE: Cut three triangles, about 3/8" tall, from orange cardboard or card stock. Glue an inverted triangle to each face.

5. FOR WHISKERS: Poke 3 holes in pumpkin on each side of nose with a sewing needle and insert a 2" length of white floral wire into each hole. Repeat for each pumpkin. Trim and crinkle whiskers as desired.

6. Draw an inverted V on each face for a mouth, using white marker. Cut 3 lengths of 1/8"-wide ribbon. Tie bow around each stem.

7. Wrap ½"-wide ribbon around top of jars; glue in place. Fill with candy; set kitty heads on top.


Take a shortcut: Just set these kitties on inverted tea cups instead of candy-filled jars.