Make Halloween Black Cat Decorations

These cute Halloween black cat decorations will last forever — they’re made from Funkins.

craft black cats out of pumpkins


  • Sharp serrated knife or Funkin carving tool  
  • 2 Funkins (, about 15" diameter and about 5" diameter 
  • 2 Styrofoam craft balls (, about 6" diameter and about 3" diameter  
  • Black acrylic paint (at craft stores or, enough to cover each pumpkin and Styrofoam ball in at least 2 coats  
  • Paintbrush  
  • Scissors  
  • Small pieces of yellow, black and pink felt (at craft stores or  
  • Hot-glue gun  
  • 11 black pipe cleaners  
  • 2 wooden or plastic toothpicks  
  • Black yarn  
  • 1 yard decorative ribbon


1. Use knife or carving tool to carefully remove Funkin stems.

2. Paint Funkins and Styrofoam balls black, covering with two coats and allowing paint to dry between applications; set aside.

3. Cut yellow eyes, black pupils, black ears and pink noses for two cats out of felt.

4. To make two sets of eyes, use hot-glue gun to attach black pupils to centers of yellow eyes.

5. Secure cats’ eyes, noses and ears to Styrofoam balls with hot glue.

6. To make whiskers, cut five pipe cleaners in half. Insert six pipe cleaner halves into larger Styrofoam ball (three on either side of cat’s nose); repeat process on smaller Styrofoam ball using remaining four pipe cleaner halves (two on either side of cat’s nose).

7. To attach cats’ heads to Funkin bodies, insert one toothpick halfway into bottom right of each head, position heads on bodies as desired and insert exposed halves of toothpicks into Funkins. Use dabs of hot glue to further secure if necessary.

8. To make cats’ tails, divide remaining six pipe cleaners into two sets of three. Twist or braid each set, then—working with one set at a time—wind black yarn around pipe cleaners (leaving 2" section of pipe cleaners exposed at one end) until tails reach desired size and shape.

9. Knot yarn to secure, then insert exposed pipe cleaner ends of tails into Funkins and curl tails to create desired shape.

10. Cut two lengths of ribbon, tie into two bows and secure to cats’ necks with hot glue.