How to Make a Button-Eyed Halloween Cat Pumpkin

Cute as a ... well, you know! Create a cat pumpkin for Halloween using just felt, ribbons and buttons.

Create a cute halloween pumpkin cat


  • Pumpkin, hollowed out from the bottom and cleaned
  • Pencil or marker
  • Scissors
  • Black rickrack 
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Eye and ear templates (print out from
  • Felt in yellow and black
  • 1/8"-wide white ribbon, 1' long 
  • 2 2-hole flat black buttons (about 1¼" in diameter for large cat and ¾" in diameter for small cat)
  • White florist wire
  •  1 4-hole black button
  • 1/2"-wide ribbon, 1' long


1. For stripes: Choose side of pumpkin for face and mark where to place eyes. Cut two pieces of rickrack long enough to extend from stem to bottom of pumpkin. Glue rickrack to pumpkin, positioning each piece to intersect with eyes. Add a stripe down each side and two or three on the back.

2. For eyes: Place eye template on yellow felt, trace, cut and repeat. Thread narrow white ribbon through each 2-hole button. Glue ends to back of button. Glue yellow felt shapes to front of pumpkin (over stripes). Center buttons on yellow felt; glue in place. 

3. For ears: Place ear template on black felt; trace around twice. Cut out. Apply a bead of glue to bottom edge of each ear and attach to pumpkin.

4. Cut a double-curve mouth and a triangle nose out of black felt. Glue mouth to pumpkin, then nose. Cut wire into six 5" pieces; glue to nose, three on each side. Thread narrow white ribbon through 4-hole button to form an X; trim ends and glue to back of button. Glue button to nose. Tie ½"-wide ribbon around stem in a bow.