How to Craft a Tuxedo Pussycat Halloween Pumpkin

These charming cat pumpkins are an easy Halloween craft.  

cute and easy to make pumpkin crafts


  • Ear templates
  • Black card stock
  • Orange patterned paper 
  • Pencil 
  • Scissors 
  • Hot-glue gun or tacky glue 
  • Two pumpkins that can stack on top of each other—one 5" to 6" tall and one 8" to 10" tall 
  • Flat black thumbtacks 
  • Black felt-tip pen 
  • Black floral wire 
  • 1 1/2"-wide ribbon, 2' long 
  • 2 buttons 
  • 3/4"-wide ribbon, 1' long 


1. For head (smaller pumpkin): Place outer-ear template on black cardstock and inner-ear template on orange paper. Trace around each template and cut. Glue inner ears to outer ears. Apply a bead of glue to bottom of each ear; attach ears on either side of pumpkin stem. Press thumbtacks into pumpkin for eyes. Cut a small triangle out of black card stock and glue to face for nose. Draw mouth with pen. Cut four 5" pieces of wire and glue two pieces to each side of nose for whiskers. 

2. For body (larger pumpkin): Cut stem off pumpkin. Cut a piece of wider ribbon long enough to extend from top to bottom of pumpkin. Glue in place. Glue buttons to ribbon. 

3. Glue head to body. Wrap a piece of wide ribbon around neck and glue in back. To make bowties, cut a 4" and a 3" piece of narrow ribbon. Fold ends of each back so they meet in center (creating a loop at each end) and glue in place. Stack smaller piece on larger piece. Cut a 2" piece of narrow ribbon, wrap around center of bow and glue it in back. Glue bow to neck ribbon.