Clown Halloween Costume

It's no joke: You can pull together this Halloween clown costume in a flash with a few homemade accessories.

get a little goofy in an easy to put together clown costume

• Pencil
• Felt
• Scissors
• Pom-poms
• Hot-glue gun
• Safety pin
• Tulle
• Colorful dress
• Striped socks
• Long-sleeve white T-shirt
• White gloves
• Sneakers
• Clown makeup
• Red clown nose

1. For flower pin: Draw flower shapes in various sizes on felt. Cut out. Stack two or three flower shapes together, graduated from large to small, and adhere all with glue. Glue a pom-pom to center. Glue safety pin to back of flower.

2. For pom-pom jewelry: Cut a strip of felt, about ¾″ wide and long enough to wrap around neck or wrist with extra left over to tie. Glue pom-poms in place.

3. For hair band: Cut a strip of felt long enough to wrap around head; glue on pom-poms. Cut a piece of tulle about 12″ wide and 10″ longer than felt (so it will tie around head). Leaving 5″ at both ends of tulle, wrap pom-pom strip around tulle, gluing it as you go.