Have the Best Halloween Ever!

From easy recipes to craft and party ideas, find everything you need for a spook-tacular Halloween!

Classic Halloween Party Games for Kids

Entertain young guests at your Halloween gathering with a little fun.


Pin the spider on the web

Draw a large spiderweb on poster board and cut spider shapes from black construction paper. Blindfold the kids; the one who pins his spider closest to the web's center wins.

Wrap the mummy

Divide the group into pairs. Pick a "mummy" for each team, and have the other team member wrap the mummy in toilet paper. Next, have the partners switch, with the mummy wrapping the other player. The pair that does this fastest wins.

Worms in the pie

Put 10 gummy worms in an aluminum pie tin and cover them with whipped cream. (Make one pie per player; put the same number of worms in each pie.) Have blindfolded players use their mouth to pull out as many worms as they can in the time you set.

Bobbing for apples

Fill a tub with water and apples. Have players take turns putting their hands behind their back and trying to catch an apple with their mouth. Give a time limit for each turn, and reward the person who picks up an apple fastest with a prize.

Witch hunt

Draw a witch on a piece of paper as a template, and then cut more witches out of black construction paper. Hide them all over the party site. Have guests go solo or in pairs to find the witches. Whoever finds the most by the end of the game wins.