Make Spooky Halloween Lanterns

Light up the night with these easy-to-make witch and moon Halloween lanterns.

Spooky lanterns

You'll need:

  • Printer and printing paper
  • Scissors
  • 3 orange paper bags (
  • Tape
  • 3 votive candles
  • 3 glass votive holers

1. Print out template. To make three luminarias, print out three copies of each template. Cut out shape, following image outlines as closely as possible.

2. Tape a moon shape inside each bag. Position in the upper right hand corner of each bag.

3. Center a witch inside one bag. Tape it in place. This will be the center luminaria. On a second bag, position a witch almost directly below moon. Tape in place, folding bristle end of broom around inside of bag. This luminaria will go on the right. On the third bag, position a witch to left of moon, so she appears to be flying off left-hand edge of bag. Tape in place, folding broom handle around side.

4. Place each candle in a holder. Light, then set in bag. (If you're using luminarias outdoors, fill bottoms with sand first to weigh bags down.)