Make Halloween Chair Covers

Turn everyday chairs into spooky thrones with this easy Halloween party decoration how-to.

homemade chair covers


  • Scissors
  • 9" x 12" sheets sticky-backed glitter craft foam (each sheet yields one letter) 
  • Red pillowcases (one per chair)
  • 2 to 4 yards cheesecloth (you need about ½ yard per chair) 
  • Double-stick tape

  1. Use scissors to cut each guest’s first initial out of foam sheets. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting freehand, print out templates (google “Gothic lettering” to find interesting options), trace onto back of foam sheets and cut out.
  2. Slip pillowcases over chair backs. If your chairs have arms, use scissors to cut slits in the pillowcases’ side seams to accommodate them.
  3. Cut cheesecloth into ½ yard length. Drape over and around chair back and secure in place with double-stick tape, if necessary. Use fingers to form holes in cheesecloth to give it a ragged appearance.
  4. Attach foam letter to back of chair using double-stick tape.