Halloween Witch Pumpkin Craft

Kids will love adding witches’ hats and grinning faces to pumpkins to create this easy Halloween craft.

Craft Pumpkins


  • Sharp serrated knife  
  • Small pumpkin with stem or Funkin (funkins.com)  
  • Miniature white pumpkin or Funkin  
  • Pencil  
  • Black contact paper (at craft stores or amazon.com)  
  • Scissors  
  • Printer and plain white paper  
  • Witch hat template (download from allyou.com/witch-hat)  
  • White chalk  
  • Black construction paper  ½ yard black and ¼ yard orange gingham fabric (at fabric stores)  
  • Pinking shears  
  • Glue stick  
  • Hot-glue gun  
  • Seasonal ribbon and rickrack


1. Shave a thin slice from one side of each pumpkin to create a flat surface to rest on.

2. Stand each pumpkin on flat surface so stems face outward to become witch noses.

3. Use pencil to draw eyes and mouths on back of contact paper; use scissors to cut out.

4. Remove paper liner on contact paper and affix eyes and mouths to pumpkins.

5. Print out hat template. Use a copy machine to enlarge and reduce to desired sizes. Cut out templates.

6. Use chalk to trace templates onto black construction paper; cut out and set aside.

7. Use chalk to trace templates onto back of black and orange gingham; cut out fabric using pinking shears.

8. Glue fabric cutouts to corresponding construction paper cutouts using glue stick.

9. For each hat, fold glued fabric and paper to create hat cone; secure with hot glue.

10. Center hat cones on brims; secure with hot glue.

11. Cut a length of ribbon, tie into a bow around base of orange hat and secure with hot glue. Cut a length of rickrack, secure around base of black hat with hot glue. Glue hats to tops of pumpkins