Tin Can Hanging Vase Craft

Turn empty soup cans into cheery flower vases to bring in spring.

Hanging flower containers


  • Metal soup cans  
  • Scrap of wood  
  • Power drill and drill bit  
  • Measuring tape  
  • Pinking shears  
  • Decorative paper  
  • Double-sided tape  
  • Long nail  
  • Hammer  
  • Thin-gauge chain  
  • S hooks  
  • Flowers


  1. Remove label from can. Wash, then let dry.
  2. Place can on wood. Select drill bit that will create a hole large enough for S hook to fit through. Holding can, drill hole about ½" from top edge using a quick forward-and-reverse motion.
  3. Measure height and circumference of can. Subtract 1" from height measurement and use pinking shears to cut paper to fit measurement.
  4. Wrap paper around middle of can, leaving ½" at both top and bottom. Secure at back of can with double-sided tape.
  5. Tap nail into top of a window frame with hammer and hang chain.
  6. Slip hook through hole in can; hang on chain. Repeat with remaining cans. Add flowers and water (fill cans no more than ¼ full to minimize weight).