Easy Thanksgiving Ideas

Enjoy an easy Thanksgiving this year with our stress-free recipes, simple craft ideas and cooking checklists.

Simple Harvest Wheat Craft

Dress up a sideboard with a rustic harvest craft for Thanksgiving.

fall decorations

YOU'LL NEED (makes 1 display)

  • 2 12-oz. bundles wheat stalks (available at save-on-crafts.com)
  • Floral snips or scissors
  • 2 garbage bag twist ties
  • 2 yards wide ribbon


  1. Stand wheat bundles together upright on flat, sturdy surface. Holding wheat loosely, wiggle until all ends sit flush on surface.
  2. Use floral snips to carefully trim stalks to equal length. Remove any unusually long or short wheat pieces from bundle.
  3. Holding wheat upright with both hands, separate stalks into 2 sections. Gently twist sections around each other until wheat heads form a fan shape.
  4. Hold bundle tightly in your hand. Wrap twist ties around bundle a few inches below where stems meet tassels.
  5. Tie ribbon into bow around wheat bundle, making sure it covers twist ties. Trim ribbon ends.