Make a Holiday Cranberry Centerpiece

Let lush color and texture add a rich note to your holiday table with this tiered carnation-and-cranberry centerpiece.

make a centerpiece of carnations


  • 2 clear glass bowls or flat-bottom vases, about 3" deep. (One should be several inches smaller in diameter than the salad plate you’ll use in the pyramid; the other should be several inches smaller in diameter than the saucer.) 
  • 1 pound frozen cranberries
  • Dinner plate 
  • Salad plate 
  • Cup and saucer
  • 24 to 36 red carnations 
  • 12 to 15 miniature apples, real or faux ($9 for 15;

Fill both bowls with cranberries until they’re ¾ full. (If you don’t have enough cranberries, place a wad of clear plastic wrap in bowl’s center, then add cranberries around it.)

Place larger bowl on dinner plate; stack salad plate on bowl, and set smaller bowl on salad plate.

Add saucer and top off with cup to finish tower.

Trim stems from carnations; arrange flowers as desired on plates and in cup. Tuck apples in between.