Simple Holiday Pom-Pom Craft

Add a fun touch to your holiday table by decorating seats with mini "snowballs" crafted from pom-poms.

Holiday pom poms

YOU'LL NEED (yields 2 pom-poms):

  • Scissors
  • 2 pieces cardboard, 8½” x 11”
  • X-acto blade
  • 40 yards white medium-weight yarn
  • Darning needle

1. Cut 2 cardboard circles, 5½" diameter. Use an X-acto blade to cut a 1" hole in center of each circle, like a doughnut. Stack circles on top of each other.

2. Wind yarn around stacked cardboard, through the center, until “doughnut” is completely covered in yarn. As center fills in, use needle to pull yarn through. Each pom-pom requires about 15 yards of yarn.

3. At outer edge, slip blade of scissors underneath yarn and cut, working all the way around circle.

4. Cut 2 10" lengths of yarn and slide between cardboard circles. Wrap around circle several times and tie tightly in a knot. Do not trim ends.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for second pom-pom.

6. For cord, cut 9 lengths of yarn, 1 yard each. Knot together. Divide into 3 groups and braid. Tie each end of braid to a pom-pom. Cut cardboard out from pom-poms.