Homemade Flower Girl Halloween Costume

Turn your little girl into a sunny flower with this cheerful kids’ Halloween costume.

an easy to make flower costume for halloween


  • Yellow leotard
  • Green tights
  • Pink shoes
  • 2 yellow wristbands
  • Tape measure
  • Template (download pdf)
  • Scissors
  • 20" x 30" sheet pink poster board
  • 1 yard yellow felt
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Self-adhesive
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Paper clip

1. Measure child's head and waist, and add 2" to both measurements. Cut a 2"-wide waistband for tutu and 1 1/4"-wide headband for crown out of pink poster board. Cut a 1 1/2"-wide band for tutu and 3/4"-wide band for crown out of yellow felt.

2. Center felt waistband and headband on respective poster-board bands and adhere with hot glue.

3. Create two templates (or download the template here) for the different sized petals by drawing a large oval on one sheet of paper and a smaller oval on another sheet of paper. Be sure to include a small tab at bottom of your ovals to adhere your petals to the tutu.

4. Using the templates you made, cut out eight large petals and 22 small petals out of pink poster board, and eight large petal overlays and 22 small petal overlays out of yellow felt.


5. Glue yellow felt overlays to poster-board cut-outs to make petals.

6. Lay tutu waistband on table, yellow felt side down. Overlap large petals evenly (tabs should be 2" to 3" apart), yellow felt side up. Glue tabs to waistband.

7. Wrap waistband around child, and mark where it will fasten. Adhere Velcro strips to the proper place.

8. Lay crown headband on table, right side down. Overlap 10 small petals evenly, right side up. Glue tabs to headband.

9. Glue ends of headband together to fit child's head. Secure with paper clip until dry, then remove clip.

10. Glue six small petals to inside of each wristband. Let dry.

11. Once costume is on, bend petals into desired position.