Homemade Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes don't get any more classic—or easy to make—than this homemade Frankenstein costume.

Frankenstein's Monster Costume Image


• Scissors 
• Plastic gallon jug 
• Sandpaper 
• Paintbrush 
• Primer 
• Green Paint 
• Mounting tape 
• Fake fur 
• Hot-glue gun 
• 2 5/8 bolts 
• Red puffy paint 
• Gray or silver pipe cleaners 
• Masking tape 
• Black suit jacket, 2 sizes too large 
• Purple felt 
• Sewing needle 
• Yellow yarn 
• Loose pants 
• Rope 
• High-top sneakers 
• Green socks 
• T-shirt


To Make the Headpiece:

1. Use scissors to cut plastic jug in half horizontally. Discard top (pouring end). Invert bottom of jug on top of child's head and mark an edge line just below hairline; cut along it. Sand edges until no longer sharp. Paint jug with primer, inside and out. Let dry, then paint with green paint inside and out.

2. For cushioning, apply 1"-long pieces of mounting tape inside jug, wherever it may rub against child's head. 

3. For hair, cut a 6"x15" rectangle of fake fur, with one of the short ends curved to look like a hairline. Turn fur wrong side up and apply glue along edges to seal. 

4. Hold scissors closed and use point to make small holes on either side of jug, where temples will be. Twist scissors to widen hole until it is slightly smaller than shaft of bolt. Screw about 1/4" of bolt into each hole. 

5. Draw a scar across forehead from bolt to bolt using red puffy paint. Let paint dry completely. 

6. Add "staples" to scar: For each one, make a pair of small holes, one above scar and one below it. Make a total of 7 pairs of holes. Cut 7 2" pieces of pipe cleaner. Insert ends of 1 piece into each pair of holes. Close staples on inside of jug, covering ends with masking tape. 

7. Attach hair: Lay fur piece on center of jug, Mohawk-style, curved end at front. Use hot-glue gun to attach. Run your fingers against grain of fur to muss it up.


To Make the Clothes: 

1. Blazer: Cut two oval elbow patches out of purple felt. Sew a patch to each elbow of jacket, using yellow yarn. make the stiches oversize and cartoonish. 

2. Pants: Cut pants legs so they hang about 2" to 3" above floor. Shred each leg, cutting or tearing 4" to 5" up leg. Fray ends of rope and thread it through belt loops. Tie ends in a knot. 

3. Shoes: Remove laces and set aside. Cut off sneakers' tongues and upper portion of toes (not soles). Scruff the grommets with sandpaper. Stuff paper towels or palstic bags into toes of socks. Put socks on feet, then put feet in sneakers and re-lace. Tie laces, then cut off and fray ends.