DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Cute trick-or-treaters deserve even cuter treats: Make these pumpkin and cat treat bags for happy smiles on Halloween night.

Craft a Halloween treat bag

You'll Need (for 1 bag)

Templates (download pumpkin template or cat template)

  • Scissors
  • For pumpkin: 2 9" x 12" pieces of orange felt, plus 2 9" x 12" pieces, 1 gold, 1 black
  • For cat: 9" x 12" piece of black felt, plus 2 9" x 12" pieces, 1 gold, 1 pink
  • Pins
  • Fabric glue
  • Tapestry needle
  • 2' ribbon, about 1" wide
  • Cut all templates for bag you plan to make.



  1. Stack orange pieces (for pumpkin) or black pieces (for cat) on top of each other. Center bag pattern on felt; pin in place and cut. Glue pieces together, using a thin bead of glue 1/4" from edge of felt. Leave top edge open, as indicated on template.
  2. Place remaining templates on small pieces of felt (use photos, left and below, as a color guide); pin and cut.
  3. Position eyes, nose and mouth on bag pieces and glue in place.
  4. To make strap, use a tapestry needle to pull one end of ribbon through the bag, as indicated on template. Remove needle and tie in a knot. Repeat with other end of ribbon.