Homemade Ripe Tomato Halloween Costume

This Halloween costume is perfect for a cold trick-or-treat night—and the plush tummy makes the outfit fun to wear.

an easy to make tomato costume for halloween


  • Large safety pin
  • Elastic band (1 yard)
  • Scissors
  • Red sweat suit, plus additional red sweatshirt, two sizes larger
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Four bags fiberfill
  • Leaf hat template (click here for attached PDF)
  • Leaf collar template (click here for attached PDF)
  • Printer and plain white paper
  • Rubber band
  • Three 9” x 12” pieces green felt
  • Chalk Hot-glue gun

1. Fasten safety pin to one end of elastic. Working on large sweatshirt, cut slit in reverse side of shirt waistband and insert safety pin. Work safety pin around waistband and back out through slit. Remove pin and tie ends of elastic together so that waistband fits tightly around child’s hips, creating blouson effect. Trim excess elastic.

2. Cut sleeves off large sweatshirt and set aside. Pull large sweatshirt over small sweatshirt so that small sweatshirt forms a lining. Baste bottom edge of large sweatshirt to bottom edge of small sweatshirt. Add fiberfill in between sweatshirts until large one is taut. Baste armholes and neckline of large sweatshirt to small sweatshirt.

3. Download leaf templates for hat and neckline here. Print and cut out. Stack two pieces of felt, then lay neck template on top and trace; cut out. Sew pieces together to form an oval.


4. For hat, take one sleeve from large sweatshirt and turn inside out. Cut off cuff. Gather narrow end together with a rubber band. Turn sleeve right-side out and cut down to fit child’s head.

5. Lay leaf template on top of green felt and trace; cut out. Stitch leaf to top of hat.