5 Clever Crafts Using Common Household Items

From gift wrap to cool storage, these crafts capitalize on common household supplies already in your home.

New Uses for Coffee Filters

There’s nothing better than great design on a dime, right? We’ve rounded up our favorite projects that are so frugal, you’ll already have the materials in your supply closet. Whether you’re throwing a party or just need to organize your life, we’ve got you covered.

  • Coffee filter wreath:  Give filters a fanciful new look by first dyeing with watered-down acrylic paint. Once dry, place two filters in your hand, then close your hand to give them a crinkled look. Finish by gluing them to a wreath form, and repeat to fill out the wreath.
  • Newspaper gift wrap: Save Sunday’s edition to create custom gift wrap. Select the section that reminds you most of the recipient (use the comics for kids; the style section for your fashion-forward friend), and secure the paper with tape and yarn.
  • Paper bag book covers: Here’s an easy idea worth bookmarking. Use brown paper bags from the grocery store to make cool covers for your kids’ textbooks. Just measure and cut the paper to fit, then use tape to secure it to the book.
  • Rubber band and fabric jar covers: Your secret weapons for organizing? Rubber bands, jam jars and old scraps of fabric. Just fasten a swatch of fabric around the lid of a jar using a rubber band.
  • Rope storage: These pencil corrals are made from old soup cans. Just clean out an aluminum can then use hot glue to affix rope around, wrapping it as you go. Tuck in and glue the rope’s ends to give it a finished look.