How to Bob for Apples (Without Water!)

Here’s a simple way to bob for apples at your Halloween party without water — so those cute Halloween costumes don't get all wet!

how to bob for apples

This seasonal ritual has a colorful history rooted in a British courting game. In one version, single men and women tried to bite an apple floating in a tub of water; the first to succeed was believed to be the first to marry. Fortunately, with our variation, you can have all the fun of bobbing for apples without getting even a bit wet.



  1. Collect at least one apple per person. Small ones are easier for little jaws to grasp.
  2. Add the fruit to a large tub or bucket full of water. If you're worried about spreading germs (or just don't want to get soaked), tie strings to the apple stems and hang them from a tree or clothesline.
  3. Invite the children to try to sink their teeth into apples simultaneously or take turns while you time each child with a stopwatch. Both variations are harder than they look!