How to Display Vacation Souvenirs

Don't let summer vacation memories fade! Toss souvenirs into a clear plastic paint can for an easy display.

summer memory craft from a plastic pail

Cute flip-flops and a painted starfish make a colorful display inside a clear can.

Materials you have:

  • Shells
  • Rocks
  • A dried flower
  • Store-bought souvenirs
  • Children's flip-flops
  • Sunglasses
  • Postcard or photograph
  • Pencil or chopstick
  • Sand

Materials you need:


  • Add a layer of sand on the bottom of container. Place items, starting with largest, ending with smallest. Use pencil or chopstick to arrange them more precisley.
  • Carefully place lid on container. Display your item where it is unlikely to get jostled.

Cover all your bases. Want a memory jar that's not summer-themed? Instead of using sand, start with glass marbles (check