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How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Add a burst of beauty to your home with fun-to-make crepe paper flowers that will last all spring.

Crepe Paper Flowers


  • Leaf and petal templates (download at allyou.com/flower-petals)
  • Printer
  • Plain white paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Crepe paper sheets in red, dark pink, white, light pink and green
  • Faux stamens
  • Floral cloth wire stems
  • Floral tape
  • White glue


1. Print leaf and tulip, lily, small and large rose, and dahlia petal templates. Cut out.

2. For tulip: Using tulip template, trace and cut six petals from red crepe paper. Hold a petal with both hands and press thumbs into the center of petal to cup it slightly. Repeat for other petals. Place three petals atop one another and roll out edges slightly. Repeat with remaining three petals.

3. Pleat base of each petal with two pleats, pinching folds in place.

4. Attach a stamen to end of a stem by wrapping it with floral tape a few times. Cut and glue tape in place.

5. Attach a petal to stem with floral tape, wrapping it twice, stretching slightly. Attach remaining petals one by one, wrapping twice for each. Wrap twice again when all petals are added, then wrap tape along length of stem.

6. For lily: Using lily template, trace and cut five petals from dark pink crepe paper. Fold petals in half lengthwise and crease. Use your fingers to cup petals outward at widest points. Follow Steps 3 through 5.

7. For rose: Using rose templates, trace and cut five small and seven large rose petals from white crepe paper. Cup petals near center and roll edges outward. Pleat base of each petal once. Follow Steps 4 and 5.

8. For dahlia: Cut a 4" x 32" strip of light pink tissue paper, fold it in half width-wise twice (to make a strip that is 4" tall and 8" wide). Using dahlia template, trace and cut a strip of petal shapes. Pinch petals at tips. Tear strip into shorter pieces (approximately 8" wide). Attach stamen to stem following Step 4. Attach strips, pleating petals and wrapping with floral tape as you go. Follow Step 6 to finish.

9. For leaves: Using leaf template, cut five or six elongated leaves. Fold in half lengthwise and crease. Open leaves. Cut one 20" x 1¼" strip of green crepe paper. Gather flowers in a bouquet. Trim stems to desired length. Add leaves all around. Wrap flower stems and leaves with strip of green crepe paper from center of stems to bottoms, tucking paper under ends and gluing in place.