How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Let the kids join in on the fun while making these quirky duct tape wallets.

Duct-Tape Wallet

COST: $3.37–$6

TIME: 1 hr. 30 min.


• Scissors • Duct tape (Superman duct tape by Scotch, $6; at Office Depot; or Mustache tape by Duck, $3.37; at Walmart) • Ruler


1. Wallet base: Cut 4 9″-long pieces of tape. Lay one strip parallel to edge of table, sticky side up. Lay second strip sticky side up overlapping the first by 1/8″. Continue layering third and fourth strip in same manner. To cover the sticky side, cut 4 more 9″-long pieces of tape, and layer them on wallet base, sticky sides facing each other. Trim so edges are even. Finish seam: Cut a 10″-long piece of tape and apply strip of tape to one long edge of wallet base so that half the tape adheres to front and the other to the backside. Repeat along other long edge.

2. Form wallet: Fold base in half lengthwise (inner edge should be 1/8″ shorter than outer edge). Fold rectangle in half the other direction so it forms a bifold wallet

3. Credit card pockets: Cut 2 13″-long pieces of tape. Lay 1 on work surface, sticky side up. Lay other on top of it, sticky side down. Press together and smooth. Cut another 13″-long piece of tape and tear in half lengthwise. Make finished seam along each edge (see Step 1). Trim ends. Cut finished strip of tape into 3 2½″ × 4¼″ rectangles. Cut 4 4″-long pieces of tape and tear in half lengthwise. For double pocket—lay 1 rectangle on inside of unfolded wallet ½″ below top edge of wallet. Tape lower edge of wallet. Tape lower edge of pocket to wallet with 4″ strip. Lay another rectangle ¼″ below previous one to create another pocket; use 4″ strip of tape to secure. For single pocket, repeat first step of double pocket. Apply 1 strip down center of wallet to secure inner edges. Use remaining strips to make finished seams along outer edges of pockets (see Step 1).