How to Make a Pillow

Follow these easy instructions for the perfect goof-proof pillow every time—for less than $3 per pillow.

Easy Pillow Tutorial

The secret to making the perfect pillow is easier than you think, and it definitely doesn't require a sewing machine. Virginia Plunkett of made these beautiful pillows (and many more--check out her blog to see them all) using Unique Stitch ($7, instead of a needle and thread. Perfect for the sewing-adverse, Virginia says this glue holds stronger than other similar fabric glues and can even go through the wash. Here are Virginia's instructions for easy-peasy pillows that cost less than $3 a pop!

Materials (for two pillows) 
1 yard of desired fabric
2 20" x 20" pillows
Unique Stitch glue

Step 1: Measure and cut one 20" x 20" piece, this will be for the front panel. Measure and cut two 20" x 15" piece, these will be for the two back panels.

Step 2: Using this diagram below, run a strip of glue along the edges of your panels following the black arrows. On the two back panels, follow the green arrows to fold the fabric. Be sure the pattern is facing inward when you glue and put the fabric together, so the glue should go on the non-pattern backside of the fabric.

Step 3: Let your pillow cover dry completly overnight. Then turn it inside out and stuff your pillow into it like a normal envelope sham. Repeat the instructions to make the second pillow.

Photo Credit: Virginia Plunkett/